Informed Vehicle. Sensible Choices.

Most vehicle owners are not well versed with short-term insurance industry or car insurance in particular. We tend to make choices about car insurance cover based on price, perception and at times even on the best promoted cover. However, there is far more to car insurance cover that protects you as the vehicle owner and your vehicle.

At CarInsurer.co.za, we aim to inform and educate South African motorists with independent content on car insurance. The Car Insurer SA website is owned and operated by a digital media agency. We are not a car insurer or other financial service provider. Our goal is to deliver unbiased information on car insurance for the South African market.

We profile some of the leading car insurers in South Africa and have a database of information articles on car insurance. The content is geared to assist you in making an informed choice. We may partner with car insurers to assist you with online quotes and deliver sponsored content which will be clearly marked as promotional material.